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specialized translators

over 800 specialized translators and expert translators to meet all your translation needs

legal translation

Legal: an in-house expert sworn translator at your service & an exclusive legalization service

Our translation methods

Tried and tested methods: project management, quality guidelines, CAT software, collaborative work and exchange platform, etc.

Financial translator

Technical documents, confidential information, short deadlines, advice and assistance, direct exchanges with financial or legal institutions (courts, courts of appeal, consulates, IFI, etc.).

A professional response adapted to your challenges!

Legal and financial translation: your requirement is ours

Law firms, Notary offices, Bailiffs, Lawyers, Intellectual property firms,…
Banks, Financial institutions, Audit firms, Wealth management consulting,…
BILIS is your partner, expert in your multilingual communication.

Legal translation

Legal Translation - Law


  • Lawyer, Magistrate, Notary, BILIS provides multilingual translation for all your specialised documents,
  • Our translators are legal experts, some of whom are still registered with the Bar Council, and will assist and advise you along with our project managers,
  • Professional translations, certified translations, legalization services… we can provide all the services and advice you need.
Financial translation

Financial Translation - Audit

  • Whether you are a member of management committees, CFOs, chartered accountants, bankers, auditors… opt for a translation that meets your needs for your financial documents, accounting documents, investor communication documents…
  • Some of our translators are former bankers or financial advisors and all of them master the issues that come with specialized translations and produce flawless work…
  • Quality professional translation, localization, formatting, DTP… all our services for effective international communication.
translation specializations

Other areas of specialization

Our vast network of specialized translators, selected according to the rigorous process in force in our TRADUTEC group, allows us to meet all your translation needs with the expected quality and deadlines.

BILIS’s expertises

We take care of your administrative burden

  • Our legalization service (formalities) are at your service (all languages, all administrations).
  • An in-house sworn translator (English and French) exclusively dedicated to your projects for more reactivity !
  • Sworn translators at your service in all languages.

Your challenges
are ours


professional translators and
sworn translators (translators under oath
to the Courts of Appeal.

Teams specialized by field, including:

  • Financial translation,
  • Legal translation,
  • Commercial and marketing translation,
  • Technical translation.

For your peace of mind, enjoy flawless translations at the best price, finalized and therefore “ready to use”

translation project management

Make your internationalization easier

All translation services for project management from A to Z:

  • Free or sworn translations,
  • In house legalization team
  • Interpreting
  • DTP


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