Technical translation

Technical manuals, protocols, user manuals, user manuals, instructions for assembly, scientific studies,… your technical documentation and scientific are complex and involve business knowledge adapted.

Having been involved in this exercise for more than thirty years and equipped with a team of specialists, the BILIS agency carries out all your translations technical and scientific.

Your technical documents must be understood by both experts and simple users? We have the translator you need!

Aeronautics, armaments, IT and telecommunications, medical, automotive industry, food industry, engineering… your data are particularly technical and/or scientific and your terminology must be respected.

That is why, at BILIS, we select translators who combine 3 essential components:

  • mastery of the source language
  • mastery of the target language, which is also his or her mother tongue,
  • significant experience in a specialized field (medical, pharmacy, industry, engineering, finance, law, etc.).

Our network of more than 800 professional and specialized translators allows us to cover all translation topics technical and scientific to guarantee you translations high quality professional services.

Which documents are concerned by the technical translation?

Your domain has its own codification, its own technical terms and contextual subtleties. The documents concerned are of a technical and/or scientific nature. You use units of measures that require to be localized (converted and adapted)? For your multilingual communication, BILIS guarantees you accuracy and details in all your documents.

Documentation or technical instructions, user manuals, diagrams, assembly instructions, software documentation, scientific processes, patenting, scientific publications, expert reports, modes employment, contracts, technical and functional specifications, scientific or medical protocols, research projects, theses scientists…. our specialized translators will assist you in the translation and contextual adaptation of your technical content.

Need to have your technical or scientific documents legalized?

BILIS has an exclusive legalization service. For you, we manage the entire procedure and ensure your peace of mind and respect of deadlines at the best cost.