Marketing & sales translation

You have imagined differentiating concepts, defined a philosophy, wrote advertising slogans and marketing catchphrases, all to attract, convert and retain your customers. For your  communication to internationally, our commercial and marketing translations respect your positioning accurately. Our team of  specialized translators support you to promote your company in the markets foreigners.

Consistent communication throughout the world

A quality marketing and commercial translation must accurately reflect your brand’s DNA, tone and editorial style that you have chosen. The style used in commercial translation is very different from that used in other areas of translation. Marketing and sales documents are documents intended for convince.

Marketing and sales translators with professional expertise

Translating sales, marketing or advertising documentation cannot be improvised!

BILIS Traduction, an agency dedicated to the translation of documents professionals, has thus developed a very particular expertise to translation of documents for sales and marketing purposes, advertising.

All our translations are carried out by translators professionals with many years of experience in the field of marketing and sales. Coming from communication agencies or marketing services, our dedicated translators bring real added value to your international communication:

  • translation quality,
  • terminology consulting,
  • localization / rewriting to adapt cultural references
    to the target countries while maintaining the spirit and strength of the messages.

The specificities of commercial and marketing translation

Commercial or marketing documents, in addition to carrying and information, must trigger actions (CTA) or decisions at the recipient’s premises.

Terms likely to have a certain impact on an audience can also have a completely different meaning for an English-speaking, Hispanic or other audience linguistic.

Words must resonate in the reader’s mind, in accordance with his or her cultural and linguistic background. A perfect command of the language but also a perfect command of the language understanding of the culture in question are absolutely necessary for a quality marketing and commercial translation.

Most of our translators reside in their countries of origin and translate exclusively into their mother tongue, whose subtleties and cultural references they master.

Do you need to optimize your translation processes?

Thanks to our transversal skills, our CAT tools and our experience in multiple contexts, we ensure the complete management of your translation projects. Turnkey solutions!

Your supports are ours

Save time! Send us your original files, we work directly on your media, whatever they are:

  • Office Pack,
  • Indesign, Photoshop, etc.
  • Subtitling files, SCORM,…
  • Pdf native or notWebsites (based on a CMS or not)

Equipped internally with the necessary tools, our teams adapt to your needs.

Expertise in the different types of documents

For more than 30 years, BILIS has been translating your commercial documents, marketing and advertising in all language combinations. Our long experience has enabled us to develop expertise in the constraints and specificities of the different types of documents professionals to be translated:

  • Advertising slogan, commercial hooks, pitchs, sales pitch
  • Site InternetBrochure,
  • commercial brochure,
  • flyerNewsletters: your partner to translate, according to the frequency defined, all your content and, if you wish, directly in your management tool
  • Product catalogues
  • Press releases, press kits
  • Market research, competition studies, sales action reports, marketing brochures, business plans
  • Movie / video transcriptions and subtitles
  • Books, white papers, e-books
  • Magazines, internal reviews, various publications
  • Preparatory documents (invitations, invitations, invitations, convocations, PowerPoint presentations, speeches…)
  • Product packaging
  • Presentation Human Resources…

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