Language services

Thanks to a network of more than 800 professional translators, BILIS can translate your texts and documents into more than 50 language pairs.

As a partner of companies for more than 30 years, we provide the language services you need.

Free translation

It is the translation of all types of content in various formats in all language combinations.

Thanks to the many professional specialities of our translators and our project expertise, the BILIS team carries out specialized free translations with all the necessary precision and rigour: translation legal, financial translation, commercial translation, translation web, technical translation.

Sworn translation

The legal translation is in our DNA and we are proud to have an in-house Expert Translator-Interpreter.

His presence is a a strong asset that allows us to ensure the best possible reactivity for all your sworn translation needs. Indeed, he is the the only person entitled to certify a translation that conforms to the original.


Conferences, seminars, videoconferences, you need qualified interpreters to facilitate your communication multilingual?

We provide you with translators and interpreters qualified professionals in your field of specialization, regardless of or the language combination chosen.

Finance, legal, technical, medical, commercial…, we guarantee you a service professional interpreting both simultaneously and consecutively.


Our translators are all native speakers and carry out the following tasks adaptations necessary for the target audience’s understanding of the translated contents. They adapt the content to the specificity on request of the country concerned.

Cultural, artistic, geographical and also geographical references adaptation to specific business requirements. For example, the choice of the on the first line or from the vouching on an e-commerce site is often and corresponds to a very precise brand positioning in depending on the country concerned.

DTP / Layout

BILIS is equipped with a wide range of graphic software that allows easily exploit all your source documents and make them available to restore faithfully.

We also process all fonts (Chinese, japanese, Russian, Arabic…) and let us proceed to the redesign of your target document in accordance with the initial format and vectorization necessary. You are thus assured of compliance with typographical rules of the target language.

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