Translation and culture, a constructive interdependence

By default, translating is an activity that is multicultural because it is multilingual. One can't visualize a translation without imagining the relationship between cultures in a cosmopolitan world. Relationships, exchanges, and transfers that make each culture...

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Business: speaking with clients in their language

Do you have a hard time reaching clients outside of your country? If targeting customers outside of your country seems difficult, there is a simple step you can take to get the ball rolling: translate your products and services. You must be able to speak the language...

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5 pieces of advice for a quality translation

You need to have documents translated, and you’re requesting quote after quote from translation agencies. Rather than just choosing the least expensive alternative, you want a translation agency that can meet your high standards. So, how can you be sure of the quality...

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My e-commerce website in English; a powerful force for sales

Your e-commerce site allows you to plan for the future comfortably and securely within your national market. But, what about for your international ambitions? Haven’t you thought about increasing the visibility of your company, of making your products and services...

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Contract translations

Contract translations are often equated with sales contract translations, but they can also cover documents that generally hold a legal value, like marriage contracts, construction contracts, etc. The idiosyncrasies of contract translations Contract translations are...

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How do you say that?

A brief chronicle on translation Linguistic tics Oulala, Rooo, Pfff!! A conversation between two people is often punctuated with certain, specific sounds. Certain sound express the intention to pause, to allow time for thought before continuing. These sounds are...

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