Translation for the web

Attract new customers, build loyalty, foster commitment, develop conversion rates… websites and blogs represent a fundamental challenge for companies. Entrance door to internationally, web translation makes it possible to address new projects markets abroad.

Thanks to its network of experienced web translators, BILIS can produce your internet translations in all languages, adapted to a specific optimal natural referencing.

Web translation, a complex service

Also called website localization, web translation involves to be familiar with the elements that make up a site and the workings of natural referencing (SEO) in the different countries / languages targeted.

The translation of a website thus covers all the elements that make up the site:

  • the body of web pages (HTML document page body),
  • menus (main menus, submenus, footers, etc.),
  • navigation elements (buttons, scripts, etc.),
  • graphic and advertising element texts,
  • code dedicated to natural referencing: metas, description tags, keywords, hypertext link titles,
  • code elements related to site accessibility that enrich photos and other media (ALT, TITLE),
  • the adaptation of keywords to the language and uses of the targeted targets.

A referencing issue

Although hidden in the source code of the website, these many elements are essential for the good referencing of the site’s pages, and must be translated accurately.

Your natural referencing efforts in France are thus preserved and carried abroad to ensure your site the best positioning in search engines.



An adapted treatment

The translated elements are then returned for integration optimal by website managers, by separating texts well HTML of navigation elements (menus, buttons, footers, headers), promotional hooks and content descriptions multimedia.

Website localization is a form of translation of very specialized Internet documents. The translation techniques are specific, and the translation of pages requires a good knowledge the writing of Internet pages.

By entrusting BILIS Traduction with your website translations, you benefit from a quality guarantee on your page translations web.

To go further, read the article on the challenges of localizing video games.

Expert web translators and business specialists

BILIS has selected experienced native translators from the target languages who combine:

  • significant business expertise to ensure the perfect interpretation of your site in the fields of finance, business and finance marketing, medical or pharmaceutical, industry…
  • advanced skills in the web field to ensure that perfectly respect the codes and practices on the Internet (metas, tags, etc., description, hypertext link titles…).

Reading web pages is very different from reading printed documents. The translation must therefore comply with the standards and web writing practices to be effective. Trained at the website localization, our translators therefore work as a priority on the proper understanding of the pages and objectives of the  website, in order to reproduce messages and services as accurately as possible in order to the Internet user.