Legal translation

Sworn translations, trademark registrations, minutes, employment contracts, General Terms and Conditions, legal notices… these sensitive documents are in the heart of the business world.

With real business experience, our legal translators and expert translators use your legal language on a daily basis specialized, in all languages.

Courts (TGI, Courts of Appeal, Arbitration Chamber,…), Cabinets lawyers, Notary offices, Bailiffs, Lawyers, Property firms intellectual… we have been working discreetly with you since over 30 years old.

Between legal professionals… we speak the same language!

Former lawyers, corporate lawyers, notaries… our translators have extensive experience in the legal professions. They collaborate with all the actors in the legal world: legal departments, french courts, notaries, law firms, law firms, private law firms, etc recovery, bailiffs, Statutory Auditors (CAC).

More than a translation agency, we are the partner for all your international exchanges.

Legalization service: official translated documents recognized abroad

Your official or private deeds must be recognized legally abroad? BILIS takes care of all the steps and advises you.

ADVICE, FORMALITY MANAGEMENT in all countries, ADVANCE ON COST with institutions, optimize your budgets and save time precious thanks to our exclusive legalization service.

Free Translation, Sworn Translation (sometimes called Certified Translation)… all in-house expertise!

Legal translation requires an understanding of the texts to be translated in all their subtlety in the business in force in the recipient countries.

That is why BILIS has assembled a team of native translators specialized in law, all of whom have extensive experience as as an in-house lawyer, notary or lawyer (sometimes still registered with the bar).

Their profiles and experiences are a guarantee of quality of the legal translations they produce. For your sworn translations, also known as “sworn translations” or “certified translations”, a sworn translator in english working exclusively at BILIS is entirely dedicated to you!

Need to certify a contract translated into English?

Our expert sworn translator in English is dedicated to you! Incomparable speed of intervention, ultra-competitive rates, advice expert, benefit from all the advantages of his oath of office at the Court of Appeal!

For your sworn-in requirements in other languages, BILIS relies on a solid network of expert translators, selected by our TRADUTEC Group.

Did you know that?

The expert translator is an auxiliary of justice, appointed by a judicial authority and sworn in.

Expert translator and/or interpreter at the Court of Appeal of…” is a title that refers to a function. The texts governing the the functions of judicial expert are as follows: Law 2004_130 and Decree 2004_1463.

Persons registered on one of the lists referred to in Article 2 of this Act may only be registered under the name: “expert approved by the Court of Cassation” or “expert at the Court of Appeal of…“. The name must be followed by an indication of the expert’s speciality.

Only a sworn translator can certify translations, including stamping and signing the translation and the original to certify the conformity of the translation with the original.

Rely on our expertise!

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Even in the shortest possible time, we we guarantee you an impeccable quality within the allotted time.