The Tradutec Group

Tradutec Group is one of the top 40 language service providers in Western Europe

The annual ranking of Common Sense Advisory (CSA Research) 2018 shows Tradutec Group and its 11 companies as the 17th largest language services company in Western Europe.

Tradutec Group generates a turnover of €10 million and provides a wide range of language services, from human translation to machine translation post-editing, localization, subtitling, interpretation, DTP and legalisation. Its excellent ranking rewards the efforts of all the group’s employees, divided by company and brand.

The Agencies

Amaia Translation

Amaïa, a company acquired in 2017, is based in Annecy and Geneva. Its teams support professionals from all walks of life in the deployment of their international business strategy. Since its creation, Amaïa has been oriented towards the fashion, beauty, watchmaking, health and consumer sectors. Its strong local presence is also to be noted among many industrial players in the region.


Beauty Words

Beauty Words is a multilingual editorial communication and translation agency serving luxury and beauty professionals since 1992. Beauty Words puts experts of words and projects in charge of
complex translations for brands wishing to communicate effectively and enhance their products.


Cabinet Bonnefous

BONNEFOUS is a company specialized since its creation in the translation of legal and financial documents. For more than 30 years, its teams have been working with a wide range of legal professionals, providing them with effective support in their various international approaches.


D&V Translation

D&V Translation is a translation company based in Brussels and is particularly aimed at companies operating in the Benelux area. D&V has developed particularly specialised expertise in the following languages: French, English and Flemish / Dutch. Its clients are European institutions, Belgian administrations and international companies based in Belgium and northern France.



Since its creation, IPAC Translations has specialized in the medical & pharmaceutical and health sectors. Its project managers and specialized translators support all players in the medical industry’s value chain (from research specialists to distributors and regulatory authorities). IPAC meets both the most demanding translation needs in MA processes and
registration or the need for translations that are more oriented towards marketing and communication aimed at the general public or end consumers.



Sotratech has historically been strongly oriented towards technical and scientific translations (patents and publications). Today, his team also supports marketing and product departments
and digital in the translation of documents intended for internal or external use and of content distributed online. Sotratech can also respond precisely to legal departments and the need for oaths and legalization.



TradOnline joined the Tradutec group in 2016. TradOnline has developed an expertise the managing complex translation projects (file formats, volumes, very tight deadlines). Its teams support all companies in their translation needs for content distributed online (websites, product databases and e-commerce sites, SaaS solutions) or in print, particularly in the marketing, communication and sales departments.


Traductor Traductor

Traductor is a multilingual and multi-specialist translation company. Its interlocutors are often teams from the legal and financial departments and marketing professionals. Traductor also has a historical proximity to bailiffs and SCP. Its project managers also bring their expertise in the implementation of translation memories and the optimization of translation processes.



As part of its European development, Tradulux was created in 1998 in Luxembourg. Its team mainly meets the translation needs of banks, fiduciaries, law firms and other European administrations based in the Benelux area. its expertise is therefore focused on the legal, financial and European law fields.



Created in 1962, Tradutec is the group’s flagship that has been serving a clientele of key accounts for over 50 years, some of which have been loyal for many years. Thanks to this experience and longevity, which testify to the quality of its services, Tradutec is an essential reference on the European translation market. The recent CSA study ranked the Tradutec group as the 17th largest translation company in Western Europe.


Tradutec Belgium

Translations Tradutec Belgium was created in 2001 by one of the sons of the founder of the Tradutec Group in order to meet the translation requests of the lobby groups that revolve around the European Commission and thus, to set “”a new foot”” in a neighbouring country after Tradulux. The company, by its structure, benefits from the structure and skills of the Tradutec Group and offers general linguistic expertise in a bi-cultural market.


The Words of Sport

The Words of Sport is a company 100% dedicated to translation in the field of sport created in 2014. Its founders are both enthusiasts and experts in the sector. As contacts for the major institutions that organise sporting competitions, its teams have carried out missions for international federations, organising committees, national leagues and local sports federations and clubs.