Some references

They trust us.

Some recent examples of collaboration and translation projects carried out by our teams of project managers, translators and proofreaders.

Legal and financial translations in all languages

Baker & McKenzie / Etude Letulle & Associés / Etude Monod Amar Boudrant
Dassault Aviation / Airbus Industrie / Compagnie ATR
Essilor / Gerflor / Groupe LVMH / Sephora / Hermes International
Europ  Assistance / EDF Energies nouvelles

Sworn translations and legalization in all languages of various documents

Ponticelli, Cabinet Lavoix, Chanel, Canal+,…

French bank

We translate for a subsidiary of a major French bank from numerous financial reports from mutual funds, UCITS or investment funds SICAV.
We are also responsible for the quarterly certificates and semi-annual reports to be translated into two other languages european.
These reports include a detailed description of the substance of the report marketed internationally.

Luxury brand

The financial and legal services of one of the world’s leading luxury brands (leather goods, ready-to-wear, perfumery, watchmaking) entrust us with for several years the translation of the following documents:

  • Management manuals
  • Half-yearly reports
  • Operational account plans SAP
  • Contracts
  • Press releases with financial content
  • Miscellaneous documents (Brands, KBIS, etc.)


Technical translations

Firm specialized in industrial property

For a company specialized in the field of property intellectual, we regularly translate patents (description + claims, drawings).
The legal department will provide us with also requests for the translation of powers, assignments, contracts in different language combinations (English to French / german/English to French) for their legalization.

German industry

In the context of a call for tenders with an international group of German origin specialising in high technology and present in the industrial, energy and health sectors, we we translate every month in different combinations linguistic (French-English and French-German in particular). The translated contents are highly technical, such as loads, manufacturing and assembly instructions, safety data sheets, etc.

Website translations

Latest examples to date

Translation into English of the institutional website of a French company production, distribution of films and exhibition of cinemas, the site of the group’s integrated event agency and the website of the culture and entertainment space created by the group.

Translation from English into French of the website of one of the leaders global lighting solutions. A project that took place on for several months.

Translation into English of a collaborative SaaS solution dedicated to business transformation.

Translation into English of the website of a company publishing a professional site management application.

Translation into English of the various contents published online of a a company specialized in the manufacture of metal structures.

Translation into English of a website of the most prestigious French-language school.